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"Preston is a natural teacher who produces results. He is moral, trustworthy and hard-working. He has held my total confidence in his abilities with my students for over a decade. Teachers of his level are too rare."

-Martin Rhees, former Director of Bands at Hoover High School, currently Roosevelt High School in Eastvale 

the horn studio

Instruction with Preston begins with evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each part of the student's playing, as well as the goals and aspirations of each student.  We will lay out a plan and begin to work on the fundamentals of playing that will allow the student to express themselves musically, without being held back by the technical demands of horn playing.  The goal of studying horn with a teacher is to give the student the tools that they need to be able to fully express their musical thoughts and ideas, and know what technical/fundamentals to go back and study when they are unable to do so.  Preston's philosophy of teaching is to help find the unique pathway that every player must find for themselves, in order to be fully competent and confident in their ability to play not only the notes on the page, but to express the notes with beauty and control.  Preston will help you find that path, and be a guide that shows both the tried and true methods, as well as exploring new and innovative approaches. 

what you will learn


The breath is where everything starts with any wind instrument. You will learn how to breath deep and relaxed, so that you can take a melody anywhere you want it to go.

sound production

The sound of the horn is most often what engages the listener immediately.  You will learn how to produce a pure and confident sound across all registers of the instrument.


Technique is the way that you articulate notes. Tonguing, slurring, accents and dynamics are the tools we use to shape musical phrases. You will learn how to communicate meaning through all forms of rhythm and articulation to make sense of any music you play.


Horn playing is more than just sitting in a room, alone, to make music.  Ensemble is the way that musicians work together to make music in collaboration. You will learn to blend, balance and tune with others, so that you can make music most effectively. 

​how can I join the studio?

If you want to begin lessons with Preston, click the button below. Preston is always happy to help another musician along their journey! Lessons are available in person, as well as over Zoom/Facetime.

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